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John Geyman

John Geyman lives with his wife, Gene, Chesapeake Retriever (Gent) and cat (Zeke) at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State. His 4,300 flight hours over the years have included various kinds of flying, especially of the "low and slow" kind, including taildraggers, gliders, hang gliders, floatplanes, and an open cockpit homebuilt. A commercial pilot with CFI, CFII, glider, and float ratings, he has on occasion become better acquainted with variants of Murphy's Law than he ever anticipated. Now a semi-retired physician and Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington, he is still "forced" to fly his Cessna 180 several times each week from the Island to and from Seattle. It's been 40 years since his first solo in an airplane, but his zest for flying remians strong. For John, any day in the air is a great day!

Flight As A Lifetime Passion
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Flight As A Lifetime Passion
Adventures, Misadventures, and Lessons

An adventure-filled story of flying--the "low and slow" kind--including taildraggers, gliders, hang gliders, floatplanes, and an open cockpit homebuilt. Also a candid accounting of misadventures along the way which illustrate variants of Murphy's Law, and on occasion led to lessons learned the hard way. This personal journey bears witness to the allure and the wonder of flight.


Health Care in America - Can Our Ailing System Be Healed?
Price: $43.75
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This pragmatic, objective approach to the complex issues surrounding the U.S. Health Care System successfully bridges the world of health economists/health analysts/policy makers with that of clinicians. Focusing on the main problems-escalating costs, limitations of access, and a wide variety of quality care-this unique book helps you better understand the rapidly changing and complex world of health care. Written from a clinical viewpoint, Dr. Geyman sheds light on the urgency and potential directions of health care reform.

The Corporate Transformation of Health Care
Price: $36.00
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"Dr. Geyman has meticulously documented the magnitude and consequences of our headlong jump into corporate health care. As he vividly shows us, the results aren't pretty. In medicine, the profit motive proves better for shareholders and executives than for consumers, with enormous costs in both health care and dollars. For anyone who'd like to see higher quality and more affordable healthcare, this book should be required reading." - Richard Deyo, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Health Services, University of Washington.