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Madeline Moss

Gaia Smiles
Price: $12.00
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Gaia Smiles
A Co-Creation Myth

"Gaia Smiles is one of the traditional tales lost to us these many years. How lucky we are that Ms. Moss has found it again. It's like having a piece of our heritage restored."
Crones With Wings, San Juan Islands Chapter

"This refreshing view of creation is larger and happier than most. All the living beings are seen and appreciated not for their usefulness to humans but for their own reasons for being. A tale that promotes peace, and a viewpoint well worth engaging."
Mary WillAllen, Music Director, Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento

"As a Professor of Mythology, I am delighted to welcome a new myth to the canon. It contains one of my favorite classical elements, which is that humans are seen as an integral part of the whole, rather than as the trustees or stewards or children or parents of the world around them. It is to our benefit as a species to relinquish our precious view that we are in power-over relationship with the earth."
Dr. Franca Bellini, College of Mythos and Logos, Bologna