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  Lavelle Foos
  Paul Herbert

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Lavelle Foos, Sculptor, Jeweler and Musician

My wood sculptures are expressions of both the simplicity and complexity of mysterious Creation. It is important for me to co-create with the individuals who are drawn to my sculptural style and wish to have a piece in their home, garden, meditation space or office.

Sacred Redwood Sculpture

The sculptures are created to be touched by the ancient DNA of creation and to support bringing each of us into wholeness. Landscape and trees are parts of the first forms of creation. They have spirit and memory. The earth is wise and ancient. Everything that happens comes from the earth and returns to the earth. The earth is a tabernacle.

"I am a sculptor creating sacred art, which is a tool for receiving guidance from the realms of nature and the mystery." - Lavelle Foos

To be an artist calls for the duration of imagination, which is the key to creative fulfillment, and to be effective in our time, art must be concerned with renewal. My art is an expression of sanity, an honoring of beauty and expressing messages from nature that we humans need. I trust my art functions as a mirror, reflecting self-acceptance for myself and others to make our lives more beautiful and more meaningful.

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