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Kindred Spirits

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Written by Lorrie Harrison
Photography by Greg Ewert

Stories, Passions & Portraits from the heart of community.

What is your reason for being? What brings vitality and importance to your life? When your time on this planet is done, what will you leave behind? These are the questions asked of thirty-two people living in a small island community in the Pacific Northwest. Their answers, bravely spoken, strike a universal chord of contact. Speaking with deep integrity and unusual candor, these people help us connect with meaning in our own lives through the mirror of shared experience.

Lorrie Harrison is a Northwest native who loves exploring the mountains, the shore and the rhythms of island life with her son's Robert & Tyler. She offers workshops (Creating Community and Discovering & Following Your Heart's Work) to audiences around the country.

Greg Ewert's love of photography grew under the guidance of Christian Staub at the University of Washington. His 20 year teaching career has taken him to a variety of remote communities in Alaska and Washington. He now teaches an innovative kindergarten through fifth-grade class. He lives with his wife Nancy and their three daughters.